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Besides the warmth and softness, today’s carpets offer many new features that make carpet a great choice for many interior situations. 

Carpet Seams

Unless your room is narrower than 15 feet, you’re going to have seams. Most carpet comes in widths of 12 feet and 15 feet — and on occasion, 13 feet. The degree of visibility of your seams depends on the texture and color you choose, as well as the lighting and furniture placement in your room.



Let’s face it. You get what you pay for. If you want your carpet to have a great pile density and tighter twist construction (which leads to improved durability), then you’re going to want to go with a higher quality (and more expensive) product. New carpet adds value to any home, so it’s an investment worth making.



It’s going to happen, no matter how long you hold out from sipping wine or munching on chips and salsa in your freshly carpeted room. Stain protection is an important consideration when buying carpet. Products come with various levels of protection and warranties. As the quality of a carpet increases, so does its stain protection level and warranty coverage.


Do I have to put a carpet cushion under my carpet?

Carpet cushion is the life of the carpet. Except for direct glue down carpet, we recommend always using carpet cushion.  We always make sure to use the right cushion according to the requirements.


What is the difference between a nylon & polyester carpets?

Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber because it resists wear and is quite resilient. Nylon fibers hold up well to the weight and movement of furniture and nylon is particularly good for heavy traffic areas. Polyester is easy to clean and is inherently stain resistant although it is not as resilient as nylon.

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