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Luxury Vinyl Tile


They can be installed over pre-existing flooring surfaces as long as the original surface is solid and level. There is a range in the quality of vinyl tile. The least expensive will need replacing within 10 years, but the luxury vinyl tile will last much longer. The downside to vinyl tile is that moisture and dirt may work its way between the tiles and eventually undermine the integrity of the surface.

Becoming a very popular choice for flooring!

Luxury Vinyl is quickly emerging in today's flooring industry as one of the most popular choices for floor covering. Vinyl flooring is sometimes referred to as “resilient” flooring. Resilience refers to the floor’s elasticity or ability to return to its original form after weigh is applied.

Resilience is no longer the only reason to purchase vinyl. New technology has allowed for high resolution images and more appealing textures. From beautiful, weathered stones and slate looks to rich, hand-scraped hardwoods, luxury vinyl floors offer unlimited options.

Luxury vinyl tiles provide exceptional durability for a busy household. This is a great transitional product for consumers that like the look of ceramic tile but without the cost of ceramic tile. LVT also provides a beautiful wood look without the maintenance.


Why is there such a difference in pricing in vinyl flooring?

The more expensive vinyl floors and tiles have better resistance to staining, scratches, gouges and tearing. Not only is the performance better, so is the warranty on the high-end vinyl floors. Also, as you go up in quality you will also notice improved styling and more textural realism in these floors.

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