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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Routine maintenance is part of life. You take your car in to get serviced, you go to the doctor for an annual check up, but do you get your carpets regularly cleaned? If you think the only benefit to having your carpets cleaned is appearance, think again!

Our professional cleaning equipment and flooring experience will keep your flooring in great shape long after the installation.  You have made a big investment in your flooring to add value and beauty to your home.  Why wouldn't you want the best cleaning service to keep that investment looking good and lasting for many years to come?  We will give you a free quote on the cleaning project. 

Why is it important that I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

We want to make sure that your carpet or flooring stays in great shape for years to come.  People forget that cleaning your flooring on a regular basis is key to the life of your floors.  We're not talking about just vacuuming your floors.  We're talking about a thorough cleaning process that gets down deep in your carpets and cleans them to the point they almost appear brand new again.


Extended Life of your Carpet.

All that dirt, mud, and debris that you and maybe your children track in can actually ruin the structural integrity of your carpets. Once embedded, the debris rubs against the carpet backing and fibers when people walk across it. Even vacuuming can cause damaging friction. As time goes by, the carpet can begin to thin and look unattractive. Having your carpets cleaned once a year is a much cheaper alternative to replacing everything!


Added Health Benefits.

How does a dirty carpet effect your health? Pollutants such as pet dander, dirt, dust, allergens, and even dust mites get trapped in your carpet. This can be a nightmare for anyone prone to allergies or asthma. Professional carpet cleaning kills bacteria and removes deeply trapped pollutants for a fresher, healthier home.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned one to two times a year can have a dramatic effect on your house and your health.  We not only promise you the best cleaning job available, but are committed to provided the highest level of integrity, education, customer service, and cleaning procedures.

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